PC optimizer software helps you speed up your computer and boosts gaming performance. It removes junk files, cleans the registry and uninstalls apps. It also monitors CPU usage and closes heavy resource consumption programs. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features, including disk space freeing, privacy protection and memory optimization. It works with Windows 10, 11 and older versions.

1. Avira System Speedup

Avira System Speedup is one of the leading pc optimization tools. It helps users to improve their computer system’s performance by repairing device storage waste, process errors and incorrect registry entries. It also identifies duplicate files and folders to help free up disk space. Its features include a battery saver mode, game booster mode, a privacy cleaner and a driver updater. The software also identifies junk files, cookies and broken registry entries.

The software also has several other functions that can make a computer run faster and smoother. It can find duplicate files and folders, encrypt or shred files and backup the windows registry. It can also manage energy usage, defragment and analyze disk and remove existing data. It can even reduce the time required to boot.

2. AVG PC Tune Up

With a simple, user-friendly interface and many functionalities to help declutter the PC, AVG is an excellent option for Windows users. Its live optimization feature is particularly appealing, as it puts unnecessary processes to sleep until they’re needed, reducing CPU usage and improving performance. The program also features a disk cleanup function, which is useful for freeing up space and speeding up file access times.

Its clean-up tool is great for removing browser traces and other file clutter, which can slow down the PC. Its one-click optimization technique is another notable feature. The software’s ability to increase data access speeds and reduce throttling problems is impressive. It is also available in a variety of versions for other devices, including mobile phones. Its limited support for Mac systems may be an issue, however.

3. CCleaner

As computers age they build up unused files, outdated drivers and other issues that slow down performance. CCleaner helps you eliminate this junk, optimize settings and clean up your browsers and apps to improve browsing speed, disk space and privacy protection. Its core feature is a one-click cleaner that works for everyone, but it also offers advanced options for power users such as Custom Clean and Driver Updater. The latter is especially important, as outdated software often has security holes that cyber criminals exploit.

This is why you should always keep your computer updated with the latest versions of all your applications and drivers, which is what CCleaner can help you do. It can even disable apps that start automatically when you boot up Windows and reduce their number, boosting startup time.

4. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is an excellent PC cleaning and optimization software that can easily clean junk files, defrag disk and registry, and protect privacy. Its regular registry cleaner helps to optimize the system, while the junk file and traces cleaner erases unused files to free up disk space.

Moreover, the system optimizer can disable unnecessary programs that consume computer resources. This way, you can save RAM and boost performance. Finally, the privacy protector can protect your computer from prying eyes and prevent applications from changing the Windows registry without your permission. The only drawback of this tool is that some features are only available in the pro version, which you have to purchase. However, it’s still a great option for users who want to keep their computers running smoothly and efficiently.

5. Restoro

While Restoro is not an antivirus program, it does a great job of finding unnecessary files and programs that could be slowing your system down. It also scans your hardware for issues, such as low memory or overheating.

The software then finds ways to improve the speed and efficiency of your computer by erasing junk, fine-tuning settings and fixing other frequent problems. It also checks for hardware problems such as slowing down of the central processing unit, random access memory and other parts. Restoro also offers a feature that repairs damage caused by malware. It does this by replacing faulty or damaged files with new ones, and even downloading Windows files that are missing. It can help fix Blue Screen of Death errors, or BSoDs, as well.

Last Word

Make your PC perform at its peak by removing junk files, freeing up memory and improving resource management. TechRadar’s picks include Iolo System Mechanic which can be installed on an unlimited number of machines for just one fee and has a simple, user-friendly interface.

By Hazel