For Android and iOS devices, Kinemaster is a well-liked and potent video editing tool. With its many capabilities, like voice-over, text, stickers, music, effects, transitions, and more, you can make films that seem professional. We’ll walk you through using the Kinemaster software to edit videos in six simple stages.

Download and Install Kinemaster App

Installing the Kinemaster app on your device is the first step. Depending on your device, you may find it on the App Store or the Google Play Store. Although you may download the app for free, some functions call for a paid membership. Before opting to upgrade, you may also use the app for free for seven days.

Create a New Project

To start a new project, launch the app after installing it and press the + icon at the bottom. Selecting the aspect ratio of your video—such as 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1—will be required of you. Moreover, you may choose your video’s quality and frame rate based on your needs and the capabilities of your device.

Add Media Files

Once a new project has been created, the Kinemaster primary editing interface will appear. The media browser, which allows you to view your images, movies, music, and other items from your device or cloud storage, is located on the left side. You may easily drag and drop media assets to the timeline at the bottom of your project to include them. Another option is to press the media file, then hit the + symbol to include it in the timeline. 

Trim and Split Clips

You may change the length of your clips by using the grips located at their edges to split or cut them. To access more choices, including splitting, cropping, rotating, or duplicating the clips, you may also press on the scissors symbol. By dragging and dropping the clips on the timeline, you may also change the order in which they appear.

Add Transitions and Effects

To make your video more dynamic and engaging, you can add transitions and effects to your clips. To add transitions, tap on the transition icon between two clips and choose from the various options available, such as fade, wipe, slide, or zoom. You can also adjust the duration and direction of the transitions. To add effects, tap on the clip and then tap on the layer icon. You can then choose from the different categories of effects, such as color, blur, distortion, or animation. You can also adjust the intensity and position of the effects.

Add Music, Voice-over, Text, and Stickers

Using the tools on the right side of the editing screen, you may include extra things in your movie. You may customize your movie with text, stickers, voice-over, and music. To include music, touch the audio icon and select files from your own music collection or the built-in library. The music’s fade-in and fade-out times and loudness may also be changed. Press and hold the microphone icon on your smartphone to record your voice in order to add voice-over. Additionally, you may change the voiceover’s loudness and echo. Simply input your content by tapping on the text icon to add it. Additionally, you have the ability to alter the text’s font, size, color, alignment, and motion. You may add stickers by tapping on the sticker symbol and selecting from a variety of stickers, including shapes, icons, and emojis. Additionally, you may move, rotate, and resize the stickers on the screen.


You may make fantastic films for your personal or commercial usage with Kinemaster, a flexible and user-friendly video editing program. Six easy stages will walk you through using the program to edit your videos: start a new project, add media files, split and trim clips, apply transitions and effects, add text, stickers, music, voice-over, and video, and export your finished product. Furthermore, you have the option of immediately sharing your video on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. Anyone looking to explore their creativity and enjoy editing videos may download Kinemaster, a fantastic tool.


  • Is downloading KineMaster mod APKs safe? No, there are security and legal dangers associated with obtaining and utilizing mod APKs.
  • What substitutes exist for KineMaster mod APKs? You can use online video editing programs, look at free and open-source alternatives, use the KineMaster free version, or refer to online courses and resources.
  • Where can I get the KineMaster app that is official? Get KineMaster from reputable app shops like the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • What advantages does utilizing the official KineMaster app offer? The official software is safe, gets updates often, and lets you buy in-app purchases to access other features.
  • Do any free KineMaster substitutes exist? Yes, a number of open-source and free video editing software have features in common.