Tame Cats

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Cats are an often overlooked addition to Minecraft compared to the wolf, but they still make an adorable and useful companion. Their iconic meows, skins, and the way they scurry off when startled are just a few of the traits that make them so memorable.

To have one of these little friends, you will notice that the process will be a bit different compared to when taming a wolf. First, you need to find a cat. Cats have two different variations, which are stray cats and wild ocelots. Stray cats can be found in any village with their unique skins. Ocelots on the other hand are known for their spotted yellow coat and can be found in jungles, bamboo jungles, sparse jungles, and meadows.

When spotting a stray cat in a village, they tend to travel alone. However, ocelots will often spawn in groups with even some kittens. If either one sees you, they will likely quickly scurry away at a distance as if spooked. The only other way for them not to run away is if you crouch, which will be useful when taming.

Unlike wolves where many items can be fed to them to tame, cats are more picky. Cats will only accept raw salmon or cod, so make sure to craft a fishing rod! The hardest part though is to be able to feed the cat. As mentioned before, it is easy for a cat to run away from you unless crouching. When you see a cat, crouch down and stay still while holding the fish in your hand. The cat will slowly walk up to you ready to be fed!

Just like with wolves, cats will sometimes need to be fed multiple times at once to be tamed. Once you see the hearts above the cat appear and see a collar on its neck, then it has been tamed! If you tame an ocelot, its skin will even change to resemble that of a stray cat. After that, your cat’s collar can be dyed into different colors.

When it comes to a tamed cat’s behavior, cats will not attack other mobs even when following the player. Instead, cats are more useful in what they don’t do, because they are known for the fact that creepers are terrified of them! Creepers will actively walk away when near a cat, meaning they will also stay away from you.

Thanks to creepers’ cat phobia, tamed cats are more useful to have around to protect your bases from being blown up. They can also help prevent sneak attacks from creepers when traveling with a cat. Cats also don’t even take fall damage, making them great travel companions along with wolves! Visit the U7BUY site for great deals for your favorite video games!

By Hazel