India's Twitter Trend


Twitter trends in India are a vibrant mix of politics, entertainment, sports, and social issues, reflecting the diverse interests of the nation’s netizens. Let’s explore the trending topics that are currently engaging the Indian Twitterverse.

#विकास_दुबे: A Name in the News

The name Vikas Dubey is trending, possibly linked to recent news events or developments related to the individual.

#महिमा_मंडन: Celebrating Achievements

Mahima Mandan is being celebrated on Twitter, indicating a significant achievement or event associated with this person.

#रामलीला_मैदान: A Cultural Spotlight

The Ramleela Maidan, known for hosting large events and political rallies, is a hot topic, suggesting an ongoing or upcoming significant event.

#राम_रहीम: Controversial Conversations

Ram Rahim is a name that often sparks controversy and debate, hinting at current discussions surrounding this figure.

#ABPShikharSammelan: Media’s Power

The ABP Shikhar Sammelan, a media event, is trending, indicating its influence and the public’s interest in the discussions taking place there.

#भारत_रत्न: National Pride

Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, is trending, possibly due to recent awardees or debates on potential recipients.


Virat Kohli is being hailed as the ‘Greatest of All Time’ (GOAT), showcasing the adoration and respect he commands among cricket fans.


Rohit Sharma is also being celebrated as the ultimate GOAT, reflecting the passionate discussions about cricketing legends in India.


Today’s Twitter trendshashtags in India are a testament to the country’s dynamic and multifaceted nature. From honoring sports heroes to debating political figures, these trends offer a glimpse into the conversations that matter to Indians today.


Q: How are Twitter trends determined? A: Twitter trends are based on an algorithm that considers the volume and speed of tweets on a particular topic.

Q: Can Twitter trends influence public opinion? A: Yes, trending topics can shape public discourse and highlight issues of national importance.